Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happy birthday daddy!

As promised, a birthday gift from me: a post specially written for u =)

My dad is like superman:

original superman pic source

He earns money.

He repairs cars, computers, electrical stuff...

He takes really good pictures, does gardening once in a blue moon and is very tactful in conversation.

He sends us kids to school everyday.

yeah, I guess that's what a typical dad can do.


Whose dad can teach their children basic skills of Microsoft Word, Office, Powerpoint, Adobe?

Whose dad can still cook dinner EVERYDAY after one whole day in the office?

Whose dad can bake cakes and make nutritional drinks? (I still rmbr the drink of 5 greens..haha)

Whose dad can do laundry and housechores?

Whose dad can do all these but never complain?

Well, my dad can.

and that's what make him my superman dad.

Happy birthday daddy!

Half a century old lor...must eat healthily and take good care of ur body!

Since daddy has high cholesterol so cannot eat cake, so here's one virtual birthday cake for daddy!
cake specially made to give a sweet sensation without even eating it =)

PS: din hv the time to make a card for daddy..but this post shud be sufficient! Happy Father's Day too ( tho I dunno when it is)!

also forgive me for my poor photoshopping skills. Din cut and paste daddy's face properly on it


Daddy said...

Thank you ... thank you. You are a bunch of great kids! Study well, eat well, enjoy well and God bless you all!

mousie said...

The superman picture looks nice. Where did you get the original superman picture from?

Janice said...

haha..thanks thanks. googled it out in the net =)