Sunday, June 24, 2007

University of Leeds open day

For the past two days I hv been busy working in the medics information team for the uni's open day.

The uni treated its workers really well.

we were provided with lunch vouchers worth 3.50 quids which was good enough to give us a nice good meal in the newly refurbished refectory.

I have never been to the new refectory before and I'm pretty amazed at how much it has changed. There were more varieties this time with various cuisines and they even had chefs cooking on the spot the food of ur choice.

'It's like a five-star hotel serving five-star food' - my new-found friend Sam told me

We were also given name badges with our name and the course we were studying written on it.

Janice the!

But downside is that the T-shirts we were provided only came in L and XL sizes.
I suddenly looked so thin in the shirt..hehe *beaming*

Overall, the job was pretty relaxing.

this is how it was like when there were few people
we just sat around doing nothing

and when there were many people:
we could simply talk non-stop!

On the first day, I was mostly asked for directions to the conference auditorium where medical talks are being held and I gave them some tour round the rather empty medical school. The medical school is in a pretty unimpressive state now as most of its classrooms are closed as well as its clusters. But many of the students were rather impressed with the medical library.

On the second day, I had more people asking me about the course, whether I liked it or not, tips on writing personal statement, interview questions and work experience (as in hospital attachment).

It was pretty cool talking to them and, seeing their eager eyes, u kinda tend to talk more. But I'm not as good as my fellow team mates who could talk for ages on the medicine course. Ah, I have to develop my elaborating skills.

Towards the end of the day, there weren't any people coming in to ask questions so we either ended up just sitting around, chit-chatting or like what my colleagues did, they threw blue tacs at each other!

'I can't believe we are paid for this!' my colleague said.

yea, I can't believe myself too. If we were to count the hours of those sitting around etc, it would sum up to 2-3 hours, meaning we are being paid 13 pounds for doing nothing! haha.

It was a great working experience actually. I think it has helped me in a way to build up my confidence when talking to the ang mo and also helped enhanced my english accent...and the most ++ part is that I earned about 90 pounds in just two days! hehe

my eyes would go $.$ whenever I hear money.

I definitely will apply for this job next year =)


Anonymous said...

Ha, you've been talking to this ang mo plenty of times :p
And don't seek after the British accent.. it's great for me, but be proud of your M'sian English! hehe

Janice said...

haha..i know who u lol.