Wednesday, June 27, 2007

horror movies

For the past few days I've been watching a few horror movies with Steph & TW.

I used to think that horror movies (as in the ghost ones) are spooky and freaky. So scary until u wouldn't dare to sleep alone at night or even go to the toilet.

But like what Steph said, these kinds of movie are just some form of entertainment and instead of feeling scared when u see a ghost crawling, u will find it ridiculous and hilarious at how absurd it is!

Well, steph, TW and me have found out some common points of scary movies:

1. the spirits are always pretty females - who have even seen an ugly female ghost in the movie? Besides, the prettier the better coz it makes the movie spookier. I'm still yet to come across a male ghost btw

2. All spirits have long hair

3. The spirits are always wearing black or red or white. U dun see them wearing mutli-coloured clothes right?

4. Most of the time the spirits are jealous over some things

So, it's quite easy to become a DIY ghost:


Oops, seems like I need a haircut.

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daddy said...

You can find ugly female ghost in Chinese movies. Yakk!