Saturday, June 30, 2007

bye bye

so many things happened this few days.

Some are just too personal to talk about it here

But the most shocking thing was that one of my housemates suddenly announced that he's leaving UK for good to M'sia TOMORROW! He said it was due to studies that he's leaving and seemed reluctant to talk about it.

Although I'm not that close to him but I feel shocked as well as sad that he's leaving...It's just simply too sudden and why didn't he tell us earlier??

Another guy who just arrived at UK yesterday will be taking over his room.

So the whole 18 Blandford Grove 'family' went to Tong Palace to have a farewell dinner for Kit. Serene's mum and sis were here visiting in Leeds too.

take 1: with the 'peace' sign. the guy wearing the black and white stripe shirt is our new housemate

take 2

Suddenly so many people are leaving UK. i'm confused

edited: this is the once-in-a-blue-moon time I eat out on farewells because I know that farewells are expensive and I also choose farewells to go to. I don't go to EVERY farewell dinner. This time is exceptional because my housemate only told us that morning that he's leaving on the next day and we din have time to plan and cook a dinner for him so ended up eating out.

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