Thursday, June 21, 2007


At this time of the year, students who have finished their exams are getting ready to balik rumah!

But I'm busy applying for jobs.

Uncountable application forms and CVs have been sent out.

But only one replied.

I even called them to ask but what I got was that they wanted experienced workers.

"I'm sorry but we would prefer students who have experience in customer service and admin. But we will email you the application form if u still want to apply."

I never got the application form.

I guess that's the politest way to turn down an application. Sigh. I wish I had worked in M'sia as an admin or clerk or cashier before. Be it one week or one month. Jz let me have that experience.

So far the one and only job which replied me is a cleaning job (not again!). But it's only a temporary job as I will only work for them for 7-10 days.

I jz came back the induction and they told me that the working hours are 9am-9pm! 12 hours! 5.5 pounds per hour. Like what Lizzie, another person who also went to the induction told me, 'I will drop dead by the 3rd day.' I guess I also will. And to add on, I'm still doing my other cleaning job from 6-8.30am. So meaning, I will be working 15 hours a day??

To think on the optimistic side, I get to lose weight during those intense working days..hehe =)

Another job which I got which is temporary is to work in the information team during the university's open day (which is tmr and Sat). Basically my job is to answer any qn that visitors may have. And being a medic is an advantage because they need medics to answer qn regarding the medicine course and I was the first few medics who applied for this job and got it. Will be working for 7 hours each day, 6.42 pounds per hour.

It will be a very good work experience as it will increase my chances of working on any other university's open day in the future. Thank God for the job!

Hopefully more job opportunities will open up and hopefully I will get a permanent job.

and hopefully it will not be a cleaning job this time.

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