Thursday, May 31, 2007

my ear

In medicine, we learned embryology.

When there's something wrong with the cells division or when some parts of the body are not divided completely or for some other reasons...defects occur.

It can be due to genetics, environmental factors, mutation...

I would count myself lucky because I wasn't born with my intestines protuding out like this:

or born without limbs:

or have obvious defects like this:

But instead...

I have this:

For many years I have struggled with it. People have always wondered why I have never left long hair as I look better in long hair. Well, the reason is that if I leave long hair, I have to tie it no matter what (coz the weather is super hot in m'sia and high school rules which require us to tie our hair) and expose my ear.

'Aiyah, it's not obvious lar...why so scared to show ur ear?'

It's easy to say, but if u were put in my shoes, I think u'll understand. You can't help it but notice people staring at your ears when you are talking to them. Sometimes it's just too hard to ignore their stares.

Yeah, my case is not as serious as other people who have worse defects than me. At least I don't limp or I have some ugly big tumour on my face. Thank God for that. But, I really admire the courage of those people who dare to walk around with an obvious disfigurement.

What made me suddenly decide to leave long hair then?

Well, I dunno also. Haha. It was just suddenly an overnight decision to tie my hair or I would say an overnight change of mindset. I suddenly felt that I shouldn't think of what people will say about me anymore. Just be confident with myself.

I guess it's just part of life. Part of growing up.

That's why I started tying hair halfway through A levels ( if anyone realised that my hair was extremely short during the start of A levels, but towards the end of the course, my hair was long)

I still get comments from people who saw my ear.

'how come ur ear like that one?' -that's the most common question I usually get

One was rather amusing...haha

'oh my gosh Janice, what happened to ur ear?'...'I tot it was infection!!' (after I told the person)


anyways, I dun get asked about my ear in the UK. I guess people somehow are more mature in that sense to keep their mouth shut. But I would prefer if people not stare at it.

People curious ma..what to do?


tarsem said...

Haha you know, for the longest time i used to think you wore hearing aids. Sorry...

Janice said...

walau!!! haha

William said...

I think I have to send you my picture!

yeejun said...

hey! i don't see anything wrong with that ear..
yeah it's a bit different but things do come in different shape and sizes.. it's juz a minor variation.. not like u hav 2 auditory canal

do a surgical correction if u want in future but there's nth to feel embarassed about.. even if others asked about it.. juz tell lor in a natural manner then juz go by it.. otherwise 很辛苦 rite thinking about how others see you.

Janice said...

yealo. But nah, now dun really care about my ear already.

PS: wow wow...since when u start reading my blog...surprise surprise =)

yeejun said...

started only yesterday.. went blog hopping and found urs in yang min's blog page.