Monday, May 28, 2007

becoming a doctor - a big price to pay

There are a lot of sacrifices one hv to make to study medicine.

first of all is the financial part.

study medicine in the UK could easily cost 1 million ringgit!

jz imagine the stuff we could buy if it wasn't used on our education!


medical students can't enjoy uni life as much as others. Their term starts earlier & ends later than any other courses.

Their exams also finish much later than other courses.

Not fair!

thirdly, the stuff they study is a lot times more than other courses (in general).

One thing I get really annoyed about is when people comment on medical students exam.
Although we only have 2 papers for our exam and people say 'cheh...only 2 papers nia..easy la, where got like us, got 5 papers'

'do you know that eventhough it's only 2 papers, it also consists of 1 whole year of coursework???'

it's equally just as mentally exhausting than any other exams!

and although it's just MCQ & EMQ and not short answer questions for the integrated exam, you think it's easy ah?? they purposely give you choices which are confusing. For eg,

what is responsible for the bone formation? (previous past yr qn, got from seniors)
(a) osteoblast
(b) osteoclast
(c) osteocytes

And mind u, all the osteo thingy exist so u hv to really read ur stuff properly, or else u will end up being confused by the different choices.


But of course, studying medicine is not that bad at all.

you get to understand ur body better. U will understand why certain disease happen on some & not on others. You also get respected when u tell people u r studying medicine & u will earn big bucks when u work etc.

But the greatest of all is that u get to save lives. Putting ur knowledge at good use to help people.

That's the greatest fuel to push me to persevere to finish this gruesome 5-year course.


ngyangmin said...

osteoblast larr

Janice said...

smart la u..haha

tarsem said...

"u will earn big bucks..."

Typical =p Hahahaha

yeejun said...

ah.. osteoblast.. i wanted to say all involved coz i mistaken the sentence as remodeling..

it's oso 2 paper only in leeds ar.. mine as well.. i told others my exams only last for a day and they cant believe it.. i came 9 months juz for this 1 day..

actually objective nice mah.. dun need to plot how to convey the msg.. juz pick the answer when u see it.. it's hard to estimate how much to write.. how much they want la coz time isnt a luxury in exams.. having that said.. i couldnt finish my paper :( haih.. wrote too much on earlier questions.. i'd prefer objectives..