Saturday, May 19, 2007

SSC 1.3 --> the last SSC of yr 1!

As usual I always blog about my SSC each term.

This term, I chose 'medical information on the WWW' as my first choice as I always hv an interest in computer related stuff.

I'm really blessed that I got all the SSC topics which I put as my first choice. Others got SSC topics which they din want and ended up doing badly in it.

In this SSC, we were required to write 4 essays altogether (that's why it's a groupwork task)- A report on quality standards for health related websites, a review on websites and another 2 reviews on the usage of DISCERN and QUICK tool with selected websites.

The essay parts were pretty boring and I had some difficulty writing it as the criteria for the essays were rather vague. But thanks to the many people around who have done the same SSC and were willing to let me have a look at their essays, I managed to complete it.

The rather interesting and exciting part of the SSC was where we were required to build our own website on any health topic.

Introducing to you my group's Type 1 diabetes website!

link I find it really cool to see a website named behind my uni username and having the contacts page with our cool! haha...

the website is 95% completed with some parts needing touch-up. It's not a very well built website with many webpages unsynchronized. In some pages, the left green column can appear super big but in some pages, it's small. Tried to change it but the stubborn software refuse to change so hv to leave it like that.

But fortunately the SSC tutor said that she doesn't really look at the layout of the website. Just make sure the website is fully functional and conform to the quality standards then it's ok =)

Next week Tues we will be handing in our SSC.

Our last SSC of yr 1.

and after that, it's time to go full-time into revision for the end-of-yr exams!


ngyangmin said...

3 SSCs in first year?? WOW!!

We only have 2 SSCs in our second year. First year is pure hard work and kicking out of students.

Janice said... SSC at all in ur first yr?? Not fair!! haha
Next yr I'll hv 2 SSC only...but both of the SSC will be in 1st term. crazy uni....want to work us students to death

daddy said...

The web pages were good. Actually on my browser (Mozilla), the side bar looks good. All of them were of the same size but I can see a "flick" of your so called extra-large. I actually have a software for web design - Net Fusion. This will take away all the pain for the page layout and you just concentrate on content.

yeejun said...

yah.. looks fine on my browser (mozilla too haha) as well. very well designed and info that patients need to know are included.. go promote in pratice/surgery/hosp.. they can save on the brochures now and it's much more detailed. ur daddy very "IT" type leh.. haha.. havnt seen any ur one.