Sunday, May 13, 2007


I've never seen the medical library so packed before.

I've never seen everyone so serious in studying before.

I've never felt so busy in my entire life.

I've never known that I've got so much to do and study. I see my tutorials and anatomy work sheets and self directed learning hwk piling up every day.

SSC deadline on the 21st.

Anatomy spot test on the 30th.

Integrated summative exams on the 7th June.

A total of 250+ lecture notes, tutorials, anatomy work sheets to study.

average 10+ notes per day??

Everyday I don't dare sleep extra for fear that I would lose those precious hours studying.

I'm so scared and stressed now.

Perhaps that's why I get annoyed and angry easily :S .Small trivial things and even some comments can infuriate me. Pimples starting to pop up from my face too.

Oh no...I'm back to my old grumpy self again =(


ngyangmin said...

People can have PMS. People can have PES as well-->Pre-exam Syndrome.

Haha i can really imagine the stress u're having now. Luckily mine's already over. My final exam is only 1 paper on CVS and MS on 14th June. Not so stressing.

Work hard and pray hard. It works.

Btw, i passed my science papers! wohoo! efforts paid off. Now waiting for the sociology papers' results.

Janice said...

wa...congrats! Study hard sure can pass one!

ur exam finish later than mine ler...
while the Leeds medics are happily celebrating end of Y1, the Bristol medics are still 'bia-ing' books at home..haha