Sunday, May 06, 2007

moving house

After weeks of uncertainty and delay,

after 9 hours of moving to and fro from one house to another...

After much sweat and blood...

Lynda's poor toe

after what seemed like an endless work...

we've finally moved house!

Gone are the days in 9 Blandford Grove!

We are now staying at 18 Blandford Grove...the corner house on the stretch of houses just opposite our old house.

Our new room look:

the two tables on the left are Stephanie's and the table on the right with the notice board and fish tank is mine

Lynda's the whole place looks more organised


i'm indebted to my church friend - Fusheng who phoned me early in the morning asking me the time we were going to move so that he could come and help. He was the only one who was willing to help us for 5 hours despite his upcoming exam. Thanks a lot to him!

my housemate Melvin jz gave me a printer which he said he doesn't want coz the printer is a little faulty and he could print for free in uni. Thank him for that!


Thank God for the many kind-hearted souls around..helping us at the time we need. whoa..I feel so blessed


daddy said...

Your room looks good!

Ya, you are so blessed from day 1. Thanks God. Amen!

Mousie said...

Hm... why did you all have to move house? The furniture looks the same as the one in the old house... Same owner?

I got my mousie present already... Heheheheheh!!! So cutie!!!! But the ears keep drooping...

Janice said...

haha...nice or not the mousie present? Me and Steph chose it! The ears keep drooping? Haha...I forgot how the mouse look like already.

Yup..same in under same housing agent. So the furniture looks the same.