Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's another time when we hv to bear another departure.

This time it's Julee.

Julee...such a great servant of God

Sad la to see her go esp when she has left an impact in ur life.

I admired that dedication she has for God, the willingness she has to serve Him, the unrelentless heart to take up responsibility and the hope she has in a person. Like what one of the church members said, she will never give up on a person and she sees the best in a person. She's caring, selfless (I remember the time she lent me a jacket for the ball when I din hv one), she's sensitive to people's needs and she has the courage to go out and reach out to people.

Words are just simply hard to describe how much she has impacted our lives. It's just simply unthinkable to know that we won't be seeing Julee that soon anymore.

To me, she's a walking example and role model for everyone to follow.

I didn't get to know Julee until I went to NEEC and was placed in the same group as her. I really enjoyed the time she shared with me and was really encouraged by that. Thank you Lord for her and for everything she has done.

Like what the powerpoint presentation said, 'we are torn to let you go!'

All the best for ur future Julee! It's indeed a blessing to know u although it's only such a short time but I believe God knows what is best for you and He has a plan for you back home in M'sia.

God bless.

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