Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thank God!

Thank God for His grace and mercy!

I thought I wouldn't do that well in my transport exam...

I saw the provisional result today and only 15 students out of 250 students got an A.

75 students got B.

29 students failed.

But, thank God that I've got a B!! All praises and glory to Him! Though it's jz the provisional result, I think it's more or less the same.

Hard work alone is enough to help a person get a B. (So YM, don't fret, u sure will pass one la)

Getting an A requires intelligence + hard work.

If average people like me wanna get an A, I think I would go siao by the end of this academic year.


ngyangmin said...

Yeah. lets just hope all things will go smoothly.

daddy said...

no bad...