Monday, April 02, 2007

A round-up of the trip

Finally the last post for the trip!

phew...a relief to finally finish writing about my Holland trip. I actually finished writing all the entries on Thurs. Spent my whole day finding pictures and thinking of what to write. Don't think I will be updating for quite some time as I have to finish my assignment and have to write my cv for my summer job.

so here goes...

from Leeds to Holland, we used the bus which took us 20 hours to reach there! On the way, we sat in a ferry which was a torturous journey to me as I felt quite sea-sick.

during my first 6 days stay in Holland...

we spent it in Groningen, a rather small city up north of Amsterdam. For that whole six days, we drank instant cereal for breakfast, ate bread with cheese spread, lettuce and ham for lunch and dinner and an apple every day for fibre intake. We watched tv a lot. During that time, the world ice-skating competition was on so my sis and I had our eyes glued on the tv.

The hotel was a rather small hotel with only 62 rooms. I thought there wasn't any gym or swimming pool but it turned out there was *rub hands with glee*

So I swam and exercised a lot for the remaining days in the hotel. I've never felt so healthy ever since I came to UK.

I really missed swimming...the one thing which I couldn't do in Leeds

I've never used a gym before but fortunately the gym was vacant all the time so I could take my sweet time experimenting with all the equipments. Sadly the instructions on the equipment were all in Dutch

my mum also brought kuih momo all the way from M'sia for us to eat! yummy yummy

bought this fried fillet in the market. Oily.

After my mum finished her one-week course in Groningen, we went to Voorschoten to stay at a friend's house. Whoa, I really like the house man. So nice and the design is so unique and simple. I was kinda inspired to decorate my room like that..haha.

Hope to have a house like this next time

From Voorschoten, we went to

Den Haag (where the miniature village is)

Leiden (where we had to use a bus to Keukenhof Garden but we took the opportunity to visit the city)


and Delft (where it's famous for it's ceramics)
Holland is very famous for its ceramics. The handpainted ones are more expensive

In Delft, we walked 1 hour plus to a ceramic factory for an only 15-minute guide around the factory. But we didn't go home empty-handed. Bought some cheap delftware back.

We left Voorschoten for Schiphol airport early in the morning as mum's flight was at 12. But our flight was at 8.45pm. We initially planned to visit the cheese farm and clog factory which was nearby Schiphol but was too lazy to move.

Used jet2 which was a cheap airline back. I was quite surprised that the plane left at 8.45pm without any delay and arrived at Leeds even before the scheduled time!

The flight only took 50 minutes.


and I took 20 hours to go from Leeds to Amsterdam!!! so geram. I thought all the airtickets were all gone when I checked the website before I booked the bus ticket but I didn't know that a few days later, there were cheap airtickets on sale. lol. Fortunately I only bought a one way bus ticket as my mum couldn't confirm the return date. Can't imagine sitting in that ferry again.

Goodbye Holland. Dunno whether I will ever return again or not. Many thanks to our gracious host aunty Patricia and uncle John for allowing us to stay at their cosy house and also providing us the useful maps which enabled us to move about in Holland.

Oh btw, the guide book which I brought along to Holland had really good maps. It can be borrowed at the central library in Leeds.

Now am back to Leeds=( another 10 weeks''s summer holiday!!! yay

PS: after all those walking and reduced food intake in Holland, I realised that I've lost 1kg! haha..yay. Still need to lose 2 more kilos then I reach my target

Oh, these days so many people birthday coming. I know 3 people whose birthday fall on 2nd April and 2 people on 4th. Happy birthday to them!

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