Thursday, April 12, 2007


Back from NEEC (North England Easter Conference).

This is my first time going to NEEC.

It was a conference in which I became part of the organizing team, a time where I truly learned a lot and experienced a lot.

I would say I din regret going.

It's a place where we once again truly worship our Lord...

where we can forget about uni work and assignments and just simply run with joy in God's creation...

a place where we enjoy, appreciate and value each other in a group...

my group --> olive them all. Great people to be with

the small, chilly playground where we had our group discussion

a place where we meet other people from other fellowships and make new friends...
me and Jonathan...a 4th yr medical student studying in Liverpool

A place where we are inspired by great Christians who are truly dedicated to God...
my group leader, Grace...I'm impressed and amazed by the love she has for God

It's also a place where we do not care about what people think of us, a place where we can truly be ourselves and a place where our identity is in Christ.

'I'm who I'm by the grace of God'. That's one of the lessons which I took back home from NEEC. We have the choice to choose how we define ourselves. We can either be defined by what we wear, what we speak...or we can define ourselves in Christ.

I was rather touched by what a few people shared with me during one of the group discussion and bedroom talk. They used to be really quiet and insignificant people, but when I looked at them now, standing before me are people of great self-esteem and great dedication to God. I'm amazed at how much God has done in their lives. If they can rise up and soar high like wings of eagle, why can't I?

I came back from NEEC with a renewed sense of determination to change myself better, to be willing to accept my weaknesses, to climb out from the shell I hide in and to get out of my comfort zone.

NEEC will be the point of life transformation for me.

This blog entry will be a reminder where I've made my promise to God that I will rise up and glorify Him.

This was the first time I took my own initiative to share my testimony. I'm pretty surprised that I shared too..hehe


ngyangmin said...

Fuiyo, in the photos i can clearly see the NEEC name tags that u've made.

Proud of it rite?

Janice said...

haha...yaya..of course proud la

mousie said...

Eh, that Jonathan from Liverpool is from IMU is it?

Janice said...

yeah, how u know?

daddy said...

Steph is about to drop the camera! I can see that you all have a very good time there.

During my stay in UK, I went to one conference only. I met lots of nice new people there but I didn't make any permement friend. It was like heaven because everyone was so nice. But the most important thing that happened is a change of life!

Remember to take nice photos for my Zionworx background.

daddy said...

Forgot to mention, you have stage fright! So you need more practice, ie, go on stage more often. Relax yourself and look over the heads of people when you talk. God bless!

Janice said...

yeap, friends are jz the 'side dishes' of the conference but the main 'course meal' is the life transformation.

Wee leon and vincent shared during cg yesterday and they said they felt proud to see the people from Leeds actually growing and maturing in Christ. Seeing us taking the first few steps to God, taking up responsibility and taking ownership of the gifts God has given us and using them to serve the Lord. It's heartwarming.

Now am back from the conference, hv to think of a way to maintain that growth and maturity.

PS: haha...yea i know i need more practice in speaking in front of people. Still got lots of opportunities ahead! =)

mousie said...

Seen him before in IMU mah... I think he was the president for the CF here. He knows Sarah Ong.

Btw, since the chatbox is banned. The computer cannot display the chatbox and I cannot type anything on the chatbox as well.

Stupid IMU...