Sunday, April 22, 2007

step by step guide to put background song in ur blog

Some people hv asked me the way to put background music in a blog.

Here are some simple steps to follow and it's super easy. (I know some people may find background music annoying as there are some blogs which automatically play a song and there's no way to stop it. Fortunately for this, there's a 'pause' button for u to click)

Step 1:

Go to which provides web hosting and online file sharing service. For a free account, it gives 30Mb which for me is sufficient as I only need one song in my blog.

Follow the step-by-step instruction there and after uploading ur music file, copy the music URL.

Step 2:
Log into ur account in blogspot. Click on the 'template' tab and a page like this will show:

Step 3:

Click on the 'add page element' tab at the right hand corner.

Step 4:

A small window will open and choose the one which says 'HTML/java script'

Step 5:

The window will open into another which is like this:

Copy the HTML code in the content box above and paste it in ur own page element tab.

width="200" src="
" autostart="true" loop="true" height="45"

start the code with the word 'embed' in the <> and end it with a '/' inside. Just like the eg above.

I can't put the whole HTML code in this entry as blogger seems to automatically treat it as a real HTML code for background music so a media player appeared in the post.

Anyways, jz replace the to the URL of the song which u uploaded.

For those who are wondering what those 'autostart', 'true' and 'loop' means...

autostart means to automatically start the song
'true' means yes, and as u would see in other codes, 'false' means no
'loop' means replaying the song after it finishes

for some who want to change the size, jz play with the numbers beside the 'width' and 'height'.

Step 6:

save changes and bingo! u hv a song in ur blog.

Easy right?

PS: for those who are still using the old blogger...u hv to search for the right place in the classic template to paste the HTML code.

btw, those who want to put a playlist of songs in their blog, click here to read this website. I still hvnt gone thru the website yet so not sure how it works.

There are lots of very good HTML tutorials online. They basically teach u simple things to more complicated things like creating a simple table and changing the colour for it.

I used to hv a bookmark folder for all good HTML websites but all the bookmarks were gone with my laptop during the house break-in =(

Dun hv any websites to recommend but I think jz use google to search for these tutorials is enough to provide u with the basic knowledge of HTML. I owe all my HTML knowledge to all these online tutorials =)


ngyangmin said...

lol...i was going to post something to critisize blogs with autoplay background musics. Then u come up with this post. Haiz....Now i kenot post mine already larr...

Do u know that i was sooooo happyy when u turned off the autoplay for your blog?

Kenny Sia once said: "Blogs with background music are as invasive as having a stranger sticking his finger up your nose."

Hahahaha...nahh no offence harr. Dun get angry harr.

Janice said...

walau eh..I'm offended! :P :P :P

yeah, I read abt it in Kenny Sia's blog too. So free ar u..that post was quite long time ago one right?

Haha. I was first to post first! jz post ur post long as u dun directly refer to my blog then can already la. Lolz.

i jz post this one for someone who wants to know how to put background music kalau tidak saya perlu mafan myself pergi rumah orang itu tolong dia ler.

Actually I also hate blogs which autoplay songs. Lols. If not I wouldn't hv put that 'pause' button for ppl to click right?

PS: For ur convenience *wink* I already disabled the autostart for the song. Anyone who wana hear song can jz click the 'play' button lor. See I sooooo nice ler?