Wednesday, April 18, 2007

mounting assignments each week,

one summative short answer qn in 3 weeks' time

SSC due in 4 weeks' time,

anatomy spot test in 5 weeks' time,

integrated summative exam in 6 weeks' time...

I'm starting to get all tensed up

Hhhheeeelllppp *gasp*


mr bobosan said...

hello again.. I will pray for you. Since I know nothing about medicine, it's all I can do :P
If you don't know who this is yet, I have started a blog at long last.
I am a beginner at all this, so apologies in advance if it seems silly.

Janice said...

halo...hmm...Mr I know u? Seems like u are from LCCC =)

daddy said...

Call out to our heavenly father for help. Ask Him to give you wisdom. I will pray for you.