Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sometimes I just wonder the purpose of blogging

why do we blog?

I started out blogging only with the pure intention to record my hospital attachment experience so that I could refer back to it for my medical interview. But slowly slowly I dunno how I started writing about personal experiences and events happening.

No one knows about ur blog at first. But deep down in ur heart, u wish someone could read it and that's when u start publishing ur blog URL on msn nick, friendster etc.

And everyday, u visit ur blog not to read back what u hv wrote but to see whether anyone left any comments in ur blog or not.

Do we blog to feel good? To seek attention? To seek praises? To record events happening (but we do not read back what we wrote)? To show people how great we are? or to tell people about our weaknesses and seek their sympathy? I dunno.

Why can't we write it on paper instead?

PS: oh, about the Middle Child Syndrome (MCS) thingy, I think it's not about the parents not giving equal love to each child but it's the mindset of the middle child who thinks he/she is not receiving enough attention & love. So yea, whether it's true or not, it doesn't bother me now =)


daddy said...

haha... child, you have grown up! You are a very clever girl! Be strong and face the challenge ahead. Believe in God and have strong faith in Him.

Blogging is a good way to express yourself, positively or negatively. This depends on individual character. Also, I think, blogging helps you to understand yourself better. Our thought is usually disorganised but once you put them in words, the thought becomes clear. I have tried to blog and it didn't work.

daddy said...

I just did some search on wikipedia and found this article:

This article is good reading. I tend to agree with the contents.

Janice said...

i agree with the part that blogging helps us to understand ourselves better and helping us organise our thoughts but i think all the while I've got the purpose of blogging wrong. I'm jz an attention seeker