Wednesday, April 04, 2007

name badge


media coordinator...but my computer knowledge is so shallow. Lol

The finalized design for the name tags NEEC 2007. Suddenly Ju Lee said we could use colour to print the name badges so had to do some editing on the design.

I think it looks better than the previous design =)

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Daddy said...

Your badge is 10.51x7.27cm (4.14x2.86inch) @ 72 dpi. Did you do this on purpose? When you print this on printer, this will be the size of the badge. Also, try to use higher resolution, eg, 200dpi. 72 dpi is for the screen and not very good for printer.

You can still change this very easily if you still have your photoshop file. Just go to Image->Image Size->change resolution and enter 200. To change the size, you just change the Width or Height to whatever is the final size. If you don't want to keep the "proportion", uncheck "Constrain Proportions".

How are you going to put the name on? You are not going to use Photoshop to print the name right?

One good way is to first determine the printer you will use. Then use photoshop to save a copy of the badge in jpg. Go to photoshop again and create a new blank image which is exactly the size of the paper you will use. Now, open the jpg file in PS. Copy and paste (many times) into the new image and arrange all the images on the "paper". Remember the printer margin.

Save the "paper size" image to jpg.

Open MS Word->Format->Background->Fill Effects->Picture Tab->Select Picture (Just select the "paper size" image. You will now find that your "paper" is filled with the badge image and you just type the name over it.

Another way is to use Powerpoint. You can use the same "paper size" image above and in Powerpoint, do it in "Slide master". The method is similar as above. Let me know if you have problem.

Tip: In Powerpoint, you can use the single image, go to Slide Master and Insert Picture. Duplicate and arrange the images.
Go back to slide editing and you just type the name on.

Tip: Arrange the image tightly together, ie, without gap. It is easier to print and cut.

Tip: Make sure that you go to page setup and set the paper correctly, eg A4. Even in Powerpoint.

Tip: Remember to leave margin for printer.

Tip: To facilitate cutting, put a "dot" at strategic places so that you can cut easily.