Monday, April 16, 2007


The love for money is the root of evil.

When people tend to cling on money too much, everything they do is money.

They eat, think of money,
they drink, also think of money,
they shit, also think of money.


but anyways, I personally think money is not that important anymore. I realised that there are other things which are more valuable than money eg, experience, character development etc

And that's why there are conferences, church activities, eat-out...which help us in making new friends and strengthening friendship bonds.

True, some of these things are not cheap. But think of it this way, preventing urself from going out in order to save money is only helping u dig a hole in ur own world.

What good is there to sit at home?

PS: btw, i wana know why is that people make assumption that I've been playing a lot. Based on what I write in my blog? Do you want me to write that I study hard everyday until my hair turns white or until I siao already?


daddy said...

haha... interesting thought but true! Indeed money is not everything.

From your blog, I thought that you have study until siao already. On the other hand, if the whole purpose is study and no fun, you will not be able to develop your social, mental and spiritual skill. So, you must have a balance. Therefore, recognising this, our company has this - WHPH=work hard play hard. Hence, every 3rd Friday of the month, we are supposed to go out and play!

So, remember to have a balance life. Enjoy yourself and also study well. Live a balance lifestyle. Copy the good and influence the community with Christ like value. Never copy wholesale or they will corrupt you.

daddy said...

I like your new banner. You can now use PS like an expert! Fast learner! I am so proud of you.

Janice said...


Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say 's***' less often :P
Remember also, it is not just the pursuit of wealth that can corrupt.. the simple pursuit of security, safety, comfort, a feeling of belonging, the search for validation, peer pressure.. all of these things, people often try to satisfy through possessions, insurance, etc, all of which require.. money. Anything which starts to occupy your thoughts more than God is in danger of becoming your idol..(including study). Never forget Who has saved you and for what purpose. It's easy at 20 to say wealth doesn't matter.. but as you get older (and have more money, and hence more to lose), the world starts to influence you more, and you start to worry for your security, and maybe your future partner and children.. temptation can come from reasons which seem good at the time.. You have started well! Don't let the world lead you gradually astray! Hold on to your faith, hold on to the promise, and then you will also finish well. God bless.