Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kim's birthday party!

jz a final short post for this week and also before I hit the sack.

yesterday attended Kim's birthday party:

cute and petite girl. Can't believe she's 21 years old this year!

For 6 months plus ever since I came to UK, I've seen her around in church but never got the chance to know her personally until I became her roommate during NEEC.

Although she is shy and quiet (only to a certain extent) and is said to be afraid in public places, I'm amazed by the fact that she's quite opened and real to herself. Hmm..dun really know how to explain that. For example, she does not put on a mask pretending to be brave when she is in an unknown place filled with strangers. She will jz cling to a person she knows and probably annoys that person a lot. But anyways, I like that fact that she doesn't care about what people think of her and jz be what she is with people.

'God has brought the Kim out from me' - Kim giving her birthday speech

I found out that she can sing quite well too! Whoa, dun see her shy shy one, but she dare to sing karaoke in front of so many people! Aiks, I failed miserably when I sang. Haha. My singing is sooo terrible and soft. But I think karaoke is not abt singing only, it's also more about being sporting. Being able to do something out of the comfort zone.

Her living room is pretty big compared to my house and there's a small fish tank which reminded me of the three pitiful fish (which are aptly named Stephanie, Andrew and Kyle according to their size..but I think they might switch names soon if Steph continues to grow horizontally. HAHA *dodge punch from Steph*) in my room.

These fish are way luckier than my room's. There are only a few fish in the glass tank but there is adequate space for them to swim. Lucky them.

A glimpse of Kim's fish tank:

nice, clean, ideal habitat for fish

And now a glimpse of the fish tank ( i dunno whether it should be called fish tank or not) in my room:

dirty, algae-coated fish tank. So little space and water too

Now u know why I said Kim's fish are lucky already eh?


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