Tuesday, April 24, 2007

exams coming

That's it. I've decided.

I will only blog once a week from now on.

I will not sign in MSN anymore.

I will not go online if I have the choice.

I must discipline myself!

It's high time for me to get back to books

or else I will be DOOMED.

PS: To my parents, Esther, Jon Jon, NH and other people who only hv urgent things to ask me, jz give me a buzz on my hp and I will call back. This month got quite a lot of minutes accumulated from last month so can call back to M'sia more often =)

Oh, Happy birthday to Darren and Kim! Both of them turning 21 today!


daddy said...

Good! Good! Praise the Lord! I will pray for you too.

Vi Jan said...

Best of luck in your preparation for the upcoming exams! :)

Janice said...

hey...surprise to see u comment here! thanks thanks! will try by best for this exam!