Monday, April 02, 2007


Today spent the whole day photoshopping and designing stuff for the upcoming NEEC (North England Easter Conference). phew...finally finished

Can't do much coz the budget for NEEC is limited so can't put a lot of colours in the name badge

sien ar...

In the end I came out with a simple design. Can anyone give me comments or not? Is the font suitable or not? I will greatly appreciate any comments given.

NEEC name badge

the computer wallpaper..I think the logo is a bit out of place

Editted: I previously posted up a wallpaper for NEEC but I was given comments that it was too devilish (maybe because the colour was too dark) so I've uploaded a new one's quite girly coz it's pink..haha. Again the logo seems out of place. Should I put the logo in or not?


Daddy said...

This is beautiful. The logo is just at the right place because it gives the pic a balanced look. You took the flower yourself? I think the flower is appropriate with the bible verse. It signifies a beautiful new creation and growth. With flower, you have seed and therefore leads to multiplication. If this is too pink for men, you can make another 2 with light green or probably blue.

Janice said...

haha...tqtq. The flower is from Keukenhof garden taken by Steph. I never tot of that the flower is appropriate with the bible verse..haha. But daddy made a good point. I hv to see whether i hv time to change the background colour to other colours. If not, I'll jz stick to pink

daddy said...

To change the background, go to the layer where you construct the background. The easiest is for you to use the gradient tool (fill) and you can just select the colour. Drag two points on the bg and you are done.

The gradient tool is together with bucket fill.