Thursday, April 05, 2007


YAY! Finally NEEC name tags done!!!

I'm so happy!

Jz a simple design and job but it took me days to finished it.

Learned a lot of things tho. The most important thing is that I now know how to use adobe photoshop (it's such a great tool for designing!) and I know where the media services (where we can load our own paper into the printer) and paper cutter are in Leeds uni. I didn't go to the media services department in the end as the place was closed due to the easter hols. So had to print the names on a piece of paper and paste it on a hard paper.

I wonder how I ended up making name tags. I was only assigned to help out during the meeting but someone else was in charge of it. Can't remember who was that..argh...but anyways...

the feeling of accomplishing something is great! I was very much annoyed and frustrated with many things as I had to do most of things on my own but I'm glad things turned out right in the end!

When I see a participant wearing the name tag during NEEC, I'm going to point and say, 'that was made by me.' Ha! haha...No lar..I won't brag until like that. All the things which I do is for God and all glory to Him.

Many thanks to Lynda, my only helper for typing in the names of the participants and for punching holes as well as tying strings for the name tags!

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