Friday, March 30, 2007

Miniature Village

Miniature Village

Miniature Village wasn't in our plan but we came across it unexpectedly when we were at a tourist information point and we saw a voucher which said 25% off for the entry fee to the miniature village.

Even it was quite a long walk to the miniature village (as we have to save on transport), it was worth it.

entrance fee after 25% discount. Fortunately we saw that voucher

where's Malaysia??

an overview of the miniature village

aiks, I dunno the name of this building

behind me is the De Valk flour mill which was used to ground corn to flour for 200 yrs

they even have MAS and SIA here!

some people would definitely think that I'm weird, sitting in the middle of the bridge

it also happened that there was a magic zoo exhibition going on in Madurodam. So we also visited it. The magic zoo (dunno why is it called magic) is an exhibition of ice sculptures. But pity the animals are sculpted using dry ice instead of the real ice. I would prefer to go to the ice hotel in Sweden where the hotel is built from snow.

The temperature in the zoo was maintained at -11 celcius and I thought the temperature was ok but it turned out I was wrong. When I got out from the zoo, my fingers were numb.

at the entrance of the zoo

in one of the igloos...i was starting to feel the cold

me sitting on a tortoise...haha

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