Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MASSOC ball!

Haha..just what I promised, I said I wanted to write an entry on the MASSOC ball after my exams right? yea, so here it is...

MASSOC Ball 2007

MASSOC ball was mainly organised by MASSOC (M'sian and S'porean Society) and other socs (the HK soc and BBC soc) on the 13th March at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Steph, Lynda and I (I only decided to go 30 min before Steph was due to meet someone to go to the hotel together) went. We initially wanted to go with another person as he knows the direction there but Steph managed to ask WeeLeon to bring us there. Smart Steph..or else we have to walk there on high heels!

We were seated at table 5

with a group of wacky people..haha

The guys standing: from left, William and Jeffery. The girls from left: Jean, Priya, Steph, me and Lynda (missing from this pic: Cheryl , Satish and Robert)

We were served a three-course meal (which is of course not enough to fill my stomach) and was entertained in between with games.

one small piece of choc mousse for desert... :(

games! I was tied up

Edmond and Steph were so unlucky coz the emcees and the people at my table were trying to 整 (bully) both of them by nominating them as prom king and queen. Haha.

As part of the prom king and queen election, they had to take the couple's photo..haha

nice..both handsome and pretty

I like this pic...I think it's taken from a nice angle

The event successfully ended with the prom king and prom queen opening the dance floor. While some danced, some took photos. I was the latter.

Some of the church people went there...

church guys...the guy on the furthest right is an outsider!! haha

from left, Yee, Julian, Edmond, Robert, Shen Wei and Jeffery

Now it's church gals...

From left Jean, Steph, Jin Li, Cheryl, me, Lynda and Chrissie

The whole church group photo:

church people

I like this pic too..dunno's now my blog profile pic and my hp wallpaper...will change it when I get sien with it..haha

Alfred - he's was my flightmate from KL to Dubai. The last time I saw him was in uni in Sept, never knew would see him once again

well, I guess most of the people were quite 'high' that night.

Things got a little bit off-handed...*ehem ehem*

Julian and Art..ehem..haha..

we walked back home that night on high heels as we wanted to save money. Goodness, that was a long torturous journey. Managed to reach home safely thanks to the 3 guys who walked us back and also thanks to God!

On the way back...
statue of liberty?? (Lynda did a very good imitation..haha)

we din drink any alcohol but din know why we did that. Haha. It was in front of the traffic light some more and many people were looking out from their cars. Lol

It is fun to go to a ball once in a while. It's the time we girls dress up, put make up and set our hairs. But I somehow think this ball was much better than the previous ones ( one in first yr of college and one in high school). Mayb because the church people are there and probably becoz I looked better now.

It was indeed a great experience!

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daddy said...

Haha... 3 course meal and a tiny cake but plenty of fun! The objective is fun and not food! But all of you look much prettier and meaty! Including Lynda. Also, everyone was very happy, and that is important.