Friday, March 30, 2007

Keukenhof Garden

Keukenhof Garden:

the combination of the daycard and the bus trip there cost us 18 euros each. damn expensive

This website could give u all the basic information about the garden.

But from what I saw and experienced in the garden, let me sum it all up in words and pictures about the use of Keukenhof Garden

In Keukenhof Garden,

1. the main thing of course is to look at the flowers
there are orchids too!

2. but to some avid photographers, this is a nice place to take close-up of flowers

lol...taken without me noticing..and btw, I'm not an avid photographer

Tulips - the national flower of Holland

3. well, for some people who appreciate art, there are many artistic exhibits around the park

4. it's a good place to buy flowers too. They have many flowers seeds, bulbs and full-grown flowers for sale

5. It's a good place to propose for a marriage too! haha. I read the brochure that says that at least a marriage proposal was made everyday at the Brides Lane in Keukenhof.
picture source. I didn't take any photo of the Brides Lane as I didn't know about its existence only until after I returned home

6. You can also play chess in the garden
I still prefer the smaller version one

7. It's a good place for companies to do publicity too!
Ikea promoting their name in Keukenhof

Ikea and their cool waterbucket design

8. For people who have never seen a goat or donkey or ram before, you can see these animals in Keukenhof
mr donkey

the horns are intimidating! I don't dare go near

9. A good place to sleep and relax!

sleeping time! haha

the girl managed to get on top with the help of her father

10. and also a good place to meditate..haha!

Last but not least...

11. it's a good place for bloggers like me to put up some photos with their silly pose to entertain their
dancing with the statue

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