Wednesday, March 14, 2007

exams finished!!

For the past one week plus...

these books and files have never failed to keep me occupied. Thanks to them.. *shudders*

Almost everything I did was studied and studied and studied like shit for my anatomy spot test and my physiology written test yesterday.

The outcome?

The test was super duper difficult. Sigh. Anatomy spot test* was very hard. The questions were very vague. For instance, we were asked to identify the heart chamber on a x-ray but the blue dot was purposely placed right in the middle of the heart, making people confused only. It could be the right atrium or right ventricle (which one? anybody know?). Anyways, the physiology written test was quite ok. Dunno how much I would get though. I was a lot more hardworking this term compared to last term. I studied each anatomy practical after each dissection class, I wrote extra notes for my lecture notes and appeared offline more often (that explains why people never see me online and were speculating that I was busy..ehem..pakto oo..lols) but still I find the test hard.

We can have masses of knowledge but if we dunno how to apply it, it's no use.

I din have enough time to finish writing my answers. My brain was firing action potentials like mad to my hands to ask them to write faster. I din even have time to look back and checked I answered all the questions. I think I missed out a few coz I wasn't sure of the answer.

Fortunately my study group before the day of exam helped me in some questions. My friend discussed something about transposition of great vessels (cardio thingy) and some constriction of veins in the lungs during hypoxia which helped me gain a few marks. Thank God for that.

After my exam, I got home, online for a while, then slumped into bed at 5pm until 2am. Woke up for a while to cook dinner, read through my powerpoint slides for today's presentation, then sleep and then went off to work. I was soo tired after everything. Everything has become haywired all because of my exam..but everything will be back to normal starting from today....I promise.

Can't wait for the much anticipated one-month easter holiday which will be starting from tomorrow! yay...will be going off to Amsterdam this Sat to relax!

*anatomy spot test is a test of 20 questions where we are given prosecctions, x-rays model, histology slides and models and requires us to identify and answer some questions related to it. It test us on our ability to think and write fast (answering each question with its sub in 100 seconds), to hv really good scrutinizing and analyzing skills (to be able to identify the parts labelled), our anatomy knowledge (which requires lots of outside reading!!!) and to be able to think clearly during the exam (very important!!!).

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