Thursday, March 29, 2007

Architecture in Netherlands

The buildings in Holland are very unique

People can live...

on land

or on water

floating houses completely supplied with water and electricity. Only rich people can afford to stay in these

In Holland, the Dutch have...

very ancient buildings

to very modern buildings

They also have buildings...

which lean to the left

and which lean forward

*This is due to the fact that the old buildings in Holland were made on wooden pillars so when these wood rot, the buildings foundation become unstable thus making them lean in a certain direction

Some buildings have weird designs too...

buildings with weird windows

made of glass
completely glass made dunno-what-is-that in the middle of the park

They also have buildings of various shapes...

They have triangular buildings (???)

multi-coloured round buildings
this building reminds me of a snake

half-cylindrical shape buildings
Amsterdam central station

and rectangular-shape buildings
most buildings in Holland are like this

Buildings with sizes that range from humongous to downright small

XL-sized buildings

L-sized buildings

M-sized buildings

S-sized buildings
small shop...I think just half the size of my bedroom

XS-sized buildings
the smallest building in Amsterdam!

XXS-sized buildings - the smallest buildings ever!
taken in the the famous miniature village in Madurodam, Holland

the buildings in Holland are special aren't they? =)

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