Thursday, March 15, 2007

SSC result out!

remember I once told you about my SSC on the effects of general anaesthetics on cardiovascular physiology?

I was working like mad to meet the deadline. Because of that, I sacrificed my sleep (had very late night sleeps..on some days I slept at 4+am) and had to miss out reading the lecture notes for one week plus.


I've got my results today and guess what? I got an A!!!

"take care to avoid minor mistakes with spelling etc. Otherwise and excellent report- a well-structured, comprehensive and logical account of a complex subject."

"An excellent presentation of a challenging topic. The quiz at the end was a great way to finish!"

- comments by my SSC tutor Dr Andy Lumb, anaesthetic consultant

I put in my quiz last minute as I was doubting my choice of putting the quiz (I thought it was irrelevant to put it in but I learned from one of my modules that audience interaction is important). So in the end I did put it in and I think it had made my presentation stood out from the rest. I think the tutor was rather impressed with that quiz thingy and overlooked the fact that I stuttered and stumbled a lot during my presentation.

thank God that I didn't change my mind to not put in that quiz

whoaman...I could feel as if my heart was beating out of my chest when I was scrutinizing the results sheet on the notice board. I couldn't find my student ID number and there were like so many people getting Cs or Ds.

Many thanks to my cg leader, Vincent Wong for taking the time and effort to go through my SSC essay and telling me what needed changing. Going to treat him dinner or lunch someday. And most importantly thank God for His grace and mercy! All glory and praises to Him!


daddy said...

Congratulations! This is the reward of hard work.

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