Thursday, March 01, 2007


thanks mummy for understanding...

I was rather apprehensive to tell my mum that I was charged 38 pounds for the failed direct debit. Expected a rather long scolding with lots of exclamation marks on msn from my mum but it din turn out to be like that. But it was a rather motherly advice...haha. Thanks mummy. Really appreciate that.

Anyway, learnt my lesson now. Will definitely be more careful next time when it comes to money. People learn from mistakes and this will definitely serve as a painful reminder for me. Was pretty sad when I got charged 38 pounds coz it was half of my week's salary! One month of groceries shopping! But I'm still going to complain and hopefully I could have the penalty waived.

Hopefully I could get some money back.


Anonymous said...

hey.. finally i got time to see your blog now..

you do look prettier thn 2 years ago la.. hehe.. but i think another 2 years later, you will look even more prettier if you let your hair down like steph.. dun tied it up and i think it will be better than now.. and use contact lens la.. haha.. uhu.. pretty gal thn..

i think someone will definitely cant recognise who this pretty gal is.. get shock maybe.. hehe.. hope you can take my advice lo.. cant wait to see the biggest changes that will occur in you.. kekeke.. guess who? i'm the person who sit beside you during f5 o.. kekeke:)

Janice said...

haha...I know who you are..HAHA. *shhh* finally u read my blog hah..
take care ya!