Saturday, March 31, 2007


Body Exhibition:

I stumbled upon this exhibition while looking for information on Amsterdam in the internet.

the most expensive entrance fee among all the trips we had

outside Beurs van Berlage where the exhibition was held

I spent around 2 hours plus inside scrutinizing every part of the body. It was really good. Pity we weren't allowed to take any photos and there's not even a chance to secretly take a photo as there were many security guards around. They preserve the body really well and there was no smell as well as no iquid coming out from the body. I was rather impressed by the transverse section of the whole body like an MRI scan at the end of the exhibition. It was really an eye-opener for me and the only regret I had is that I didn't study my anatomy knowledge beforehand so that I could put it at greater use in the exhibition.

I came out from the exhibition first before my mum and my sis and bought myself a vlaamse frites. It was recommended in the Amsterdam book which I brought along but I think the fries don't taste any different from the ones we eat. But I learned that we could eat fries with mayonaise! Taste nice!

yummy...can't believe the amount of fat I'm eating

Then we had an early dinner at Hoi Tin at Amsterdam rather dodgy Chinatown. It was again recommended in the book but as that book was published in 2004, I doubt its accuracy. The place was rather stuffy and smoky.

we had duck rice for dinner

it cost 7.50 euros for that duck rice but the portion was huge

we went shopping in Chinatown and I found that the price of some goods here is cheaper than UK.

I've been to London's Chinatown, Manchester's Amsterdam's Chinatown

We walked along Red Light District and there were already a few prostitutes sitting behind the transparent glass windows so that men passing by could take a good look at them and decide whether they want to have sex with them or not. It was an eye-opener for me. Again, taking photo is prohibited. Besides prostitution homes, there were live sex show in some 'theatres' which cost 35 euros per entry. Whoaman. There were even pictures of nude women and men having sex in front of the theatres.

the entrance to RLD

A pic of a general view of RLD. See those buildings at each side of the canal with transparent windows? The prostitutes will either sit or stand in behind the windows and when a man is interested, he will negotiate the price and when the man agree to have sex, the prostitute will pull the curtain across. We went there quite early so business hasn't started much.

I couldn't find the sex museum when we first arrived at Amsterdam as I took the wrong address and I forgot that I actually put a picture of the map in my phone! lols. But we managed to find it in the end but din go in as Steph and mum said that all we see inside is just statues and porn art work.

So I just took a picture in front of the museum.

we went to a boat tour instead to substitute the visit to the sex musuem.

man...I dun understand a single word on the ticket

the boat we sat

I would say our boat captain which was also our boat tour guide was very good. He was very funny and kept cracking jokes. That's how I got the pictures of the various shapes and sizes and the leaning buildings on previous entry.

this is the smallest canal in Amsterdam and the captain told us that every morning people just swim from this canal to the other side to go to work

This is the smallest street in Amsterdam. 'Parking is free here!' said the captain

'Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?' the captain said. This is one of the coffeshops where people smoke weed and eat muffins with Hash peppered on it. Drugs taking is legal here.

I sat at the wrong place where my window couldn't be opened so when I took this picture, the reflection from inside the boat can be seen. sad case. Oh btw, it was 7.45pm at that time and the sky is still quite bright.

We went home after that. Nothing much in Amsterdam to see as most of the tourist attraction were closing and Amsterdam could be dangerous at night.

Tired after whole day of walking.

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