Thursday, March 29, 2007

Differences between Netherlands and UK

Some differences which I observed in Holland:

no. 1:

the most obvious one is that the national language here is Dutch

this is when we use our guessing power to guess the food

no. 2:

the roads and cars here are reversed for eg the driver seat is in the left side of the car

I find it really odd when the bus turns to the right at a roundabout when we usually turn left

no. 3:

people here cycle a lot (as cycle lanes were developed earlier than roads in Holland) and perhaps that's why there are not many obese people around

look at the number of bicycles here!

no. 4:

transport here is very expensive

the daycard for only bus transport is Groningen (a province in Holland) is 10 euros whereas in Leeds the most expensive we can get is 3.50pounds

no. 5:

prostitution and drugs taking are legal in Holland
the path leading to red light district in Amsterdam

no. 6:

Holland use kilos and grams to measure weight

no. 7:

boat canal is a form of transport and some could afford to live on floating houses which are very expensive according to our boat tour guide

no. 8:
we have to use our own plastic bags when buying things (some shops in UK do that but not the main ones)

no. 9:

vandalism is quite rampant in Holland but they vandalize in a very artistic way...haha (dunno about UK in general but I dun see much vandalism in Leeds)
the Dutch people make use of every inch of that wall to show off their artistic talent

no. 10:

the architecture of the buildings in Holland is very unique! (I'll write more about this later)
not only the royal family wear crowns, even buildings have crowns on them!

no. 11:
the people here beg for money in a different way
the small picture on the top right is how the front of the musical car look like

no. 12:

it's kinda weird that on some price tags, the dot is replaced by a comma

last but not least...

no. 13:

in UK we have poundland, in Holland we have euroland!
everything is 1 euro inside


ngyangmin said...

drugs legal meh?

Janice said...

yea, people can eat marijuana or smoke cannabis...all in SMALL amounts at places which are permitted legally to sell drugs (such as the coffeeshops in Amsterdam). The gov said this will help minimise the risk of drug taking to drug users and their immediate environment wor... (source:,,656121,00.html)

Yang Min wana go Holland take drug huh? haha.