Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on strike!

Last week Thursday and Friday and this week Monday I was exceptionally free coz RM was on strike!

Actually the strike lasted for 4 days (which is Thurs, Fri, Mon and Tues) but I went to work yesterday coz my class finished early and I also need some money to feed myself.

First time experiencing a strike as I don't see it often in M'sia and usually the union president get thrown into ISA for planning the strike. But here, nothing happens to the union president (and the workers as well).

Well, it's mainly of the pay dispute and the modernisation of RM (RM going to introduce some machines which might cause some ppl to lose jobs) that caused the strike. I heard that the dispute is not settled yet and there will be another strike going on on 16th Oct.

Yesterday when I went to work, I had to sit in the specially arranged van with its windows covered up to prevent the pickets at the RM entrance from seeing us.

there was only a hole through the driver's seat where I can peek through

outside view of the van. Sorry for the blur pic

My housemate who is also working in RM told me that on the first day of the strike, he had to squad in the back of the van and it was pitch-black. ''It's as if we are illegal immigrants (难民)", he said.

One of my colleagues wanted to work last Thursday but had to return home as the pickets at the RM entrance didn't allow her to enter the building. They even blocked the bus route which goes to RM! So the bus have to use another route. Yesterday when we entered through the entrance, I could hear some people whistling, protesting us from entering RM.

It was rather chaotic in RM. All the classes of the letters were mixed up. It makes no difference whether you are using first class mail (which of coz delivers faster) or second class mail.

I pity those people who paid more but got their letters delivered at the same time as the people who paid less

RM was so quiet for the first time

Quiet but not empty as there were loads of trolleys overloaded with mails.

It means tons of work for us today when work resume.

I don't see any relevance in the strike really. I think the pay in RM is quite high already and the company is treating its workers well. Compared to the previous company which I worked at, I didn't even get a pay rise after working for one year there!

Shouldn't we be satisfied with what we have already?


Daddy said...

Do your colleagues who are on strike know that you went back to work? If yes, will they take revenge on you people? As far as I know, the RM staff have been on strike everytime something new is being introduced.

ngyangmin said...

thanx for going to work.
we have mails stuck in the strike haha.....