Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SSC 2.2 - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chinese cooking, chinese diagnostics

This SSC is the easiest and the most relaxing one I have ever done so far.

Although the 10-day course is quite intense with an average of 4 hours each day, the final write-up report was quite easy to tackle as it was a reflective log, ie we do not need to find reference.

TCM + Chinese diagnostics:

We had hands-on on acupuncture:

it may look like the needle is directly piercing the eyeball but actually it's not

I performed acupuncture for Esther on this and I actually poked the needle at the wrong place, causing Esther to yell in pain

cupping. We just watched how it was performed. No hands-on

We learned a little bit of tongue diagnosis. According to the doctor, my tongue coating is uneven, which means that I have irregular eating time causing my digestive system to not function properly.

Chinese cooking

we went all the way to Lynn High School in Warrington (outskirts of Manchester) to learn cooking just because there were enough cooking facilities there.

It was cool visiting a High school. It was so different from the ones in M'sia. Everything is so well equipped in the high school. The labs, the classrooms, the canteen and the kitchen were so cool.

Chinese cooking was easy! Haha. But the ang mo seemed so amazed and awed as they watched the lecturer cooking. They were jotting notes as the lecturer was cooking away.

After one whole day at the high school, everyone was tired.

I find TCM an interesting subject but a little complicated with those yin and yang and those meridian points which are abstract. It's different from Western medicine which we can touch and see.

So relieved and happy to pass up my reflective essay last Friday. We were supposed to write 200 words each day but I didn't and ended up rushing with last minute work.

For now...I'm going to make full use of my 2.5 weeks Christmas holiday. Wana learn new skills..hehe


William said...

Is Chinese cooking part of the course? I suppose you can actually teach!

Learning new skill? Do you want to learn Adobe Photoshop using on-line training? I have 10 hours credit. It should be very good. Let me know and I will give you the password.


Janice said...

wa..really? not sure whether I will remember what I learnt in Adobe after a few months or not. Better not give me now.

Yeah, the chinese cooking is part of the course!haha. Super easy for us chinese.