Saturday, November 03, 2007

thank you!!!

Thank you to those who wished/celebrated my birthday with me.

I feel so blessed and being loved. Thanks everyone.

I din get many presents this year, but it doesn't matter. Well, to me, I dun find getting presents that exciting and interesting anymore. Some people just give for the sake of giving without actually thinking deeply whether the person would like it or not. So it's better if I don't receive anything at all than getting loads of presents which I don't like.

However, some people gave much thought about a perfect birthday gift for me. I really appreciate it. Must have cracked your head to think of one eh?

Esther gave me a paper-wrapped birthday gift at 2am in the morning.

I took a snift at it, smelt smell-less. Thought it was some chocolate tube but it was too short and a little bumpy. In the end I gave up because I couldn't guess it correctly. So I peeled off the paper wrapper and lo and behold....

'wabbit food' (as quoted from Esther). so thoughtful of you Esther -.-"

yeah. That was just a joke. She gave me a book titled 'wild swans'. Will read it one day when I hv time

birthday pressies...

The birthday cards which I got were cute! one was chosen by Esther with a rabbit and a mouse in front. What a coincidence!

I've got a life application study bible (thanks so much!!), a box of choc (actually two, one from Steph but I finished eating it already..haha) from my cg, a bear bear plus book from Lizzie and Vince and wild swans from Esther. Thank you all so much!

Also special thanks to Benny my housemate for the little surprise which I got. Haha.

I was working as usual at my workplace - sorting mails, when I suddenly heard the intercom announcing,

"we would like to wish happy birthday to Miss Ting Janice. Happy birthday to her."

As if once isn't enough. It was announced twice!

I was like, 'what the...? How did they know my birthday???' and I was smiling and my face was turning hot. U guys who know me can imagine how I am like when my name was announced. I was basically trying to hide my face and hoping that there was a tunnel I could jump into. I guess some people in Royal Mail who dun know me must be wondering why I'm smiling at myself and my face beetroot red.

No one wished me happy birthday after that, I guess it was either they were too concentrated with their work or they dun know my name.

Nevertheless it was sweet tho I can say that I'm a little embarrassed when I heard my name being announced.

I celebrated my birthday with church friends at Sing Kee (Oriental City) restaurant. It was nice really eating with a bunch of people. I saw Vincent (my ex cg leader) doing some kind of sign language with Ken at another table. I thought they were doing some normal conversation talk and didn't care about it. But suddenly, the birthday song erupted in the restaurant and people started singing happy birthday to was so sweet.

This year birthday is by far the best and the most meaningful. I was basically the whole night when I was working up to the time I'm writing this blog post. Thanks to those who have put in a lot of effort to make it the happiest birthday for know who you are.

I really appreciate it =)

edited: I forgot to include a Ben's and Jerry's ice cream tube given by Melvin. Didn't know it was sitting in my freezer since Friday as I hvnt checked my freezer for a long time. Thanks Melvin!

Today (6th Nov) I received a mail from one of my friends in Kent --> Wei Lun. Thanks for the ginseng tablets! But like you said, I'm not sure whether I will eat it or not.


daddy said...

Happy birthday from everyone at home!

Joseph Tan (KL 2099233)sent you a message to the handphone (8787876):
Happy birthday! One year older lo...:-) May God bless U and be with u as u grow each and everyday! Happy birthday!!

daddy said...

Good to know that you enjoyed your birthday. With modern technology, like Friendster, no one should forget a birthday anymore. For me, grandma will cook a bowl of long life noodle + 1 boiled egg when I was very young.

I am sure that the choc, etc are good and very nice to eat... Anyway, have fun when you are still young and still able to enjoy yourself. This is the most enjoyable time of your life. So treasure it. May God bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and compassion!