Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Exams next week...sigh

Monday - Neurobiology (summative exam)
Tuesday - SSC hand-in date (summative assessment)
Wednesday - HIV project presentation (formative exam)
Thursday - Biochem formative exam

Every day is a busy day next week

I haven't even started studying for my formative exam yet although it's not counted into the end-of-year mark. BUT, I'm required to pass that exam. lab report assessment has pulled me down greatly and now am depending greatly on my ADME and neurobiology. Hopefully I can get A for neurobiology coz most of the seniors said that the exam is very easy.

Won't be talking that much to my roommates anymore. Have to concentrate on studying


Gabriel said...

all the best ya!!!haha, dun dream too much, study hard and smart!

Janice said...