Monday, February 26, 2007

fond memories of the past

Haha...I know I said I won't be updating my blog until my exam finishes...

but still, can't stand the 'temptation' of updating it..hehe

Was browsing through all my old photos which I posted it up in webshots a few years ago (whoa, din log on webshots for so long and they have so many new features!). I realised that almost everybody has changed (in terms of dressing and appearance) over the past 3 years.

Pictures taken during teachers' day in f5 (2004):

somehow I missed them...(from left to right, Yew Jye, Kee Huong, Nai Hui, Sin Yong and Darren)

Although some of them have been my classmates since form 1, I only got to know them better in form 5

Darren...the guy on the left, used to call me 白兔牙 coz of my protruding teeth. my teeth damn straight already ler...haha

Taken during Chung Hua concert

now, 3 years later...the most recent photo taken (courtesy of NH)

CNY reunion 2007

Did u realise anything different in the girls' appearance??

All of them (with the exception of Jennifer..hehe...Jen should leave long hair too!) have left long hair and straightened it was well...walau...and they dress more feminine too...wa...

What happened to the bookworm looks u all used to have???

I still kinda miss the f4 &5 days in Chung Hua when life was so laid-back and relaxing. F1-3 was the most horrible time of my life which I would prefer to forget. In Chung Hua, if you are neither extremely good in academics nor co-curricular activities, you are a nobody. People don't give a damn of ur existence. That's what happened to me during my time in f1-3. From f1-3 I only had ONE friend in A class. Yea, that's how bad it can get when u are nothing in A class. But also my fault la...I was damn quiet last time. As quiet as a mouse. Up till now, I still wonder how I managed to live those 3 years of my life. But I believe those 3 years have made me grow a lot and learn to accept failure easily. It has impacted my self-confidence as well and I'm still trying to grow out from it.

But in f4, somehow I had a sudden liking towards the sci subjects so my class position was shifted from the usual 40+ position to the front 10. Not boasting here but I myself was shocked at my achievement at that time. But being the top 20 in class has made me a very competitive person. Always comparing other people's result with mine. And that's how the phrase, '如果你能够赢我, 猪也会飞升天' came out between me and NH. Haha. It was jz a little joke between us...and up till now he still

It was really fun during my last 2 years in CH. Time really flies. Some of my friends are scattered around the world, some are waiting/are already in uni, some are in relationships.. all have their own lives to be busy with. But still, the fond memories in f4 and f5 are still etched on our heart =)

Miss u all larrrr....

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