Monday, February 05, 2007

uni life is always busy

The time now is 3.36am. 2 more hours then I have to go to work.

Rushing with my SSC essay. Dunno when do I have to hand in the draft but people speculate it to be around Mon to Thurs. But if I can hand in as early as possible that will be great as I have more time to make amendments to my essay.

Both of my roomies are in dreamland right now. The whole room is dark except for the table lamp on Stephanie's table which stands shining. Somehow I enjoy working in a quiet environment when everyone is sleeping. I find myself able to concentrate better.

I'm amazed by how fast my table become messy. Books and papers everywhere...I'm just simply lazy to clean my table. Even if I clean it, it will get messy in less than 2 days' time.

By 12th of Feb, I would hand in my final copy of my SSC then I can relax a bit. One major assignment down. But there's another assignment (presentation) starting this week which will also be counted in the exam.

Really can't wait for easter break. 6 more weeks (including this week) to go...I must endure...

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