Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today I tried making peanut cookies. The first batch was terrible. I couldn't roll the mixture into the shape which I wanted. But after that, I somehow could roll the peanut into a 'proper' shape...Was pretty busy making the cookies the whole afternoon so couldn't hear my phone ring...oopps. I also din get to reply his online msg coz I put my online status as available. SOrry ar.


not as nice as the ones my housemate made but still...I managed to made it! These are for my coursemates...hehe..lucky people

Today was valentine's day too. Was rather touched by the card *ehem* specially designed for me...thanks! Haha. Happy valentine's day to u too! hehe

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Anonymous said...

To make cookie, the texture must be right or you can't roll it. You have to add the flour in bit by bit so that it is just enough. You must not pour in all the flour in one go!