Friday, March 10, 2006

Since Steph seems to be updating her blog everyday, I also don't want to lose to her, so I'd better update my blog too. Oh...forgot to add, if i don't update my blog, steph will surely laugh at bad hoh?

Hmmm..yesterday and today nothing really happen...oh, there IS something.

Yesterday evening I was taking my afternoon nap as usual. I set the alarm clock at 5.30pm. So, at 4.50pm I fell asleep and felt as if I've slept for a long long time. So when my alarm clock rang, I think I was rather blur at that time ( in fact very very blur), first thing I saw was the sky was very bright and Esther sitting at her table studying. I immediately shot up from bed (coz I tot that it was morning and I was late from school). Then I looked at my alarm clock, 'eh, it's 5.30pm...', I thought my alarm clock was wrong, 'by right it should be 5.30am',LOL..I really crazy already. Then I asked Esther what time is it, 'then she said, '5.30pm'. Then I was thinking, 'eh, impossible, how come both my clock and Esther say 5.30pm, don't tell me I'm wrong.' HAHA...gila sudah lah me...haha...Then it dawned on me that it's only 5.30pm in the's not even morning yet. I bet Esther must be laughing like mad there when she saw me suddenly wake up and go back to embarrassing.

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