Monday, March 13, 2006


Went shopping with Esther last Friday. It was one of the rare occasion when Esther actually followed me out for shopping. If it's not because I wanted to treat her for Nando's(for getting an offer from Notts) and make a refund for the vege grater, I bet she wouldn't leave that condo to go out with me.

Anyway, we actually wanted to go out at 4pm after she came back from uni, but ended up going out at 6.30pm. Reason? I overslept...haha *blushed*. I set my alarm clock at 4pm but didn't 'manage' to get up. LOL.

At first our plan was to take a visit to the service counter to change our vege grater then have our dinner at Nando's. But, Esther was sort of 'attracted' to the clothes on sale at Jusco. So for 2 hours, Esther was looking for clothes and trying on them. When we finally went to change the vege grater and sat down at Nando's, it was 9pm.

So we ordered our food. Both of us ordered the same thing. 1 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines. The food was quite tasty except that i think they put too much msg in it. Coz later at night, I was extremely thirsty. Anyway, we wanted to buy vege first but decided to buy vege later as we wanted to look at clothes..mana tahu, we got so engrossed in clothes. We saw one flat price corner which sold Googles clothes and was really worth buying the clothes. There was one knee-length knee skirt which only cost RM10 (that's about 1.5 pounds steph, don't try to convert) and another Jeans skirt which was ankle length(do you call it ankle-length?) long. It was really a best buy as the quality was really good and there's no where else you can get that kind of price. We wanted to buy 2 'ankle-length' skirt, one for Esther and one for Steph, but then we realise that the other skirt had no button. So in the end we bought one long skirt only. I bet Steph would like the skirt it was really really really very nice...pity man

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