Tuesday, March 07, 2006

jet lag??

These days I kept sleeping at 3 something am.

Don't know why. Yesterday I wanted to sleep at 12.30am. But unfortunately Esther woke up from her sleep and started talking to me. So, I guess the more I talked, the more 'energise' I got. Then Esther suggested 'dissecting' the chicken to cook chicken soup. So off we go, in the middle of the night, with Esther cutting the chicken and me preparing the ingredients and water. But then, as I was reading the instructions on the back of the ingredients pack, I realised there was a instruction written in tiny letters telling us to store the pack in 'the lower compartment of the fridge'. Oh no...I suddenly had a bad feeling. Because the ingredients pack consist of herbs, some rather cheap ginseng roots and red dates, mould will grow if not stored in the fridge. And as I expected, mould indeed had started growing on the herbs. Sigh, in the end we had to throw away all the herbs in the pack, leaving behind the so-called 'secret recipe' bag. What a waste...sigh

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