Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, I know this kinda late. It's mid-March and CNY has passed 2 months ago(?). But seems like I didn't blog about how i spent my CNY, i guess i better write something about it before i forget.

I joined the lion and dragon dance this year. Boy, it was the best CNY experience i ever had. For the past 18 years, i've spent my CNY either sleeping or watching tv at home. Well, this year, I decided there should be something different. And since Esther joined the lion troupe, so I was thinking, 'why not, it's better than doing nothing at home (also can earn money too)'.

Lion Dance
I can't really remember the details of the CNY celebration (thanks to my failing memory, have been cramming my brain with colours of transition metals..haha). On the first day,we went to many houses, b'coz I didn't went for all the practices, I was pretty like a silly person there. Coach assigned me to become the 'secretary' and also the 'promoter' of the troupe. Shucks, as I'm a shy person,I followed a MCA guy quietly to many homes asking whether they want to have a lion performance in their house.

The second time we went out for lion dance, I had learned to hit the cymbals (but still not good at it yet). Fortunately there were a few cymbals 'expert' in our troupe. I followed what they hit and eventually, i got pretty familiar with the rhythm. Siaw ( one of the lion dance members) was really good at hitting the cymbals, i guess I learned hitting cymbals by just following hit only..haha

I can't really remember whether we went out for lion dance the next few days on CNY. But, there was one day which there was only 1 house which invited us to do lion dance performance. 'Business' was really bad.

Dragon Dance
We did dragon dance twice only and it was really fun. For both performances, we last-minute practice. The first time we went to a Datuk's house for dragon dance. The road was pretty narrow so our dance was a bit cacat. But for the second performance, it was awesome eventhough there was a minor mistake during our performance. We went all the way to Bahau (seremban) which took us 2.5 (?) hours to reach there. It was really great. Everyone in the team was united and I really enjoyed every moment in Bahau. Too bad, there will be no more dragon dance and seems like this will be my first and last time joining a lion/dragon dance team.

Sadly, all the lion/dragon dance thingy is over. Although I'm the quietest one in the group. Surprisingly I don't feel oddly awkward. Really surprising. Most of the time in unknown places with unknown people, I would feel really shy and dunno, awkward. But this time, hmm...i feel quite comfortable in that group. I guess most of my team members are quite quiet. Haha. The IMU students are really kind people, Wen Cheh (if I got the spelling correct) is quite friendly and Siaw is helpful in teaching me those lion dance steps (even though I didn't manage to perform lion dance even once). There was one deaf-boy in my group who we call him by Ah-Wong. Although he's deaf, he's in fact clever. Very self-motivated to learn new things to improve himself. The others, Darin, Cua, the coach (Mr Steven Kong), Raja, the lorry driver...all of them...I dunno whether I wil ever get to see them again.

But, it's a pity that all of them are not christians. I pray that one of these days, i will see them converted to Christians, to become a servant of God. They will not worship other gods other than You Lord...may their eyes be opened Lord to see that You indeed are the one and only God. I pray for that to happen Lord. Amen

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