Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally back from UK

Finally I'm back from UK. It's was indeed a most enjoyable and wonderful trip i've ever had. The first time I get to visit overseas which has different timezone than that of M'sia.'s time to face the reality. I've lots to catch up for the classes I missed. There will be a maths test on Wednesday when I return to college. I might sit for other test too coz Datin wants the test resuls for every student. Today I just chatted with Lynda and found out that Ms Lim had finished one whole chapter of Vector and she's starting with Integration. Die...there's really a lot which i need to do when I get back to KL.

Uk was fun with Steph around. Reason? She almost paid for everything we bought in Morrisons. But I still had to beg her to let me eat Thorntons. The chocolates in UK is cheap for the locals there. So, it's not surprising to find Steph's room filled with chocolates. Just sitting in her room for ten minutes will send red signals to my weight as I will be munching away one of her kit kat bars or her cadbury chocs. Really fattening those things.

Too bad the UK trip has to come to an end. Steph was quite sad to see us go as no one will keep her accompany anymore. She stood by the window to watch our car leaving Shimmin. Andrew seemed to understand Steph very much. When we were packing to leave, I remember him telling Steph , 'don't cry stephanie' when we told her that Steph will surely miss us when we leave UK...hmm...did he really understand Steph and said it on purpose? I wonder. Sad la have to leave UK. BUT...

in six months' time...


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