Thursday, February 23, 2006

UK rocks!


I love Uk man...except for the fact that it's rather cold, I love it and I really want to go to UK! It's been one week in UK and i love every single day in UK. It's very fun and exciting. visiting new places everytime, experiencing the cold weather for the first time, learning the culture of UK would say this is the best holiday trip I ever had. Praise the Lord for making this happen!

Today I checked UCAS and found out that I got a conditional offer from Nottingham! A for bio and chem and a B for physics or maths. Really want to thank God for that! Praise the Lord! It was You who made all this possible Lord! Love you Lord! But then if i get Leeds too, it will be a very tough decision to make. Both have their advantages. Nott is prestigious but expensive. Leeds is less famous but the cost of living is relatively lower than Nott and I have my sister to keep me accompany *scrathing chin* which one to choose ler?

Sigh...lazy to think now...wait till i really get an offer from Leeds

oh see my UK trip photos, visit and

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