Thursday, February 16, 2006

YIPEE! Going to UK in er...12 hours?

Finally, today is the day...I'M GOING TO UK! After like 1 month of mum's undecidedness whether to allow me to go UK or not...i'm sort of immune to mum's let-offs, one day she would say 'You are going to UK' and the next day 'uh-oh, you're not going to UK'. Oh well, mum is always like that. That's not the first time she's doing that anyway.

Although mum is not going to UK, she's planning the trip as if she's part of it. Last night I guess she was the last one to sleep, packing clothes, deciding which cans of food to bring, deciding which clothes give better warmth etc...and she even had time to write my draft letter to Leeds! Now sitting here as I write my blog, there's a HUGE pile of dry food, soap, toothpaste(10 altogether), food cans...beside me. It will last her for at least 3 years..hehe...but it's gonna take half of Steph's room in's steph gonna store them *wonders*

Tonight is OB nite for MC...pity i gonna miss it. But I still have to pay RM115! damn...all from my own pocket...i didn't dare tell mum that I'm not exempted from paying. Fortunately I spent less than Rm50 on food so I've RM35 left after paying for I could still afford myself to treat myself some meal in Mc donald's *winked* least i don't have resort to eating grass *chuckles*

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