Monday, February 27, 2006

Nottingham offer!

believe it or not...I've got Nottingham offer just one week after the interview. A for Bio and Chem and a B in maths or physics. I had the guts feeling that I would get an offer but i brushed that feeling away thinking that it's just simply impossible to get an offer. So when I told my mum that I've got an offer, my mum got really excited. I guess she must have told as many people she could ( including Uncle Sin Hung) to tell the 'good news'. Personally I don't know whether I want to go to nottingham or not. NOtts seem to be a very good university, but the course is m ore intense and it will cost my parents RM100000 more than Leeds. If I get Leeds, there will be a very big problem in choosing. Leeds is cheaper and I get to be with Stephanie. There's less walking needed to the university and the prospect of finding a part-time job is good. which one should i choose ler? sigh..this is so troublesome

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