Monday, October 06, 2008

my new housemate

It's been a few weeks since my new housemate came. But anyway, here's a little informal introduction of him so that in the future when you see photos of him you will recognise him as my housemate. He's a direct entry student to year 3 from IMU. So he's also my batchmate.

First time I saw him, I was like, 'whoa, this guy is soooo tall'

so tall that whenever I talk to him, I have to cock my head to look at him like this:

his name is Yau CC. or CC Yau if you wana do it English style.

HAHAHAHAH. No lah. where got so 夸张 (it's an exaggeration)

This is the real height but I still look short!

PS: the new girl who transferred from IMU is also very tall! 1.72m!! Now I look like a dwarf among them already.


mousie said...

You can also call him cacing, or malas cacing which would sound nicer. HAHAHA

Phil said...

does he have to sleep diagonal in bed?

Anonymous said...

i think handsome will be better .. more suit him.. hehe (evil laugh) :p

from: cacing

Janice said...

mousie: seconded! malas cacing suits him more than handsome cacing. haha

phil: haha. not that tall to that extent!

cacing: 不要脸!

yaucc86 said...

where got malas.. i wake up early in every lect lo.. hehe...

Janice said...

yea yea..not malas..but i still won't call u handsome cacing :p