Friday, October 24, 2008

my new addiction

I have an addiction. Hahaha.

Ever since the electronic weighing machine came into the house, I have been using it every now and then to weigh myself.

Even before and after I go to the toilet.


I like to know how many grams of urine I have just passed out and when I realised how much I've lost, my heart would squeal in delight because I'm less heavier! Hahaha. I know I am cheating myself coz it's the fat which I need to lose and not the water! I dunno why am I telling you this. Now everyone is going to look at me with that stare which implies, 'Janice is crazy'.

PS: the weather is getting cold now! brrrrr...


yaucc86 said...

waU! u the 1st girl that i know who will show own body weight to others!!! proud of your own body weight lerr.. skinny rabbit! hehe

Janice said...

hahahahaha...skinny ur head ah. How u know whether that's my real weight ler..i can put a somethings under the machine so that the weight readings can be lower. haha.