Thursday, October 30, 2008

freezing little toes

why is it that when I wear 2 layers thick of socks (with shoes), my toes are even colder than when I wear only 1 layer thick.

so weird.

my poor little toes need to be protected from the cold but how?

hmm...the middle toe was blanched for abt 20min + I had numbness & tingling pain. toe became lobster red after that. Raynaud's phenomenon? any takes?


William said...

Janice, can you bring this issue up with the health and safety department, if there is one? Or can you bring the issue up with "someone" who can take action, eg, if no tent, they should provide protective clothing and footwear.
I encountered your problem b4 and in fact, your toes would feel numbness after just 30 minutes. It has to do with the shoe you are wearing. I believe it must be made from leather and the bottom must be thick insulator.
You don't need to suffer. Alternatively you must talk to your doc and see what they have to say. I don't know what it is called in UK. Over here, we complain it to the "safety and health" department and they will take action.

milochel said...


try wriggling them and flicking them instead! :)

Janice said...

no worries! my toes r just extra sensitive to the cold!I jz hv to wear warmer socks so that i dun end up with a gangrenous toe. yeah , I sometimes wriggle my toes to make sure there's circulation but sometimes i jz forget to wriggle them. aiks

yup. i think it's the shoes problem. I tried wearing the shoes Royal mail provided and it ended like this (daddy is quite right with the description of the shoes..haha)! so now i'm back to my sneakers (which ironically are rather airy shoes), with one layer of socks and my toes were alright!

Phil said...

I've got a theory, so follow this closely! I'm going to watch a football match tomorrow in Blackburn - I know it will be cold, and I know I'll wear two pairs of socks as usual, even knowing that my feet will somehow end up colder than if I only wore one pair of socks. In fact I've never mentioned that knowledge for fear of being ridiculed!

So, why will one pair keep you warmer than two pair? Well, bear in mind that your feet are the worst part of the body for blood flow, i.e. heat. You may notice, though, that inside your shoe keeps heat extremely well. Now if you only wear one pair of socks, the insulated heat can get through one layer of socks and to your feet. If you wear two pairs of socks, it's harder for that insulated heat to get through to your feet, because the weakened heat is not penetrating the second sock layer. Therefore your feet end up colder!

But going of that theory, you'd have to wear no socks for the best results. So what I wrote is probably rubbish.

Janice said...

I nearly agreed with you until ur last sentence. Why not jz dun wear socks then?

i guess one pair of socks help to insulate your feet to prevent the heat from your feet from dissipating.

Two pair of socks will prevent further heat loss but the heat from your own feet is insufficient to make them warm.

hence it's better to wear jz one pair of socks so that u can keep the heat from ur own feet AND also allow the heat from the shoe to penetrate the socks to reach the feet.

how's that theory Phil? hahahaha. we shud do a research paper one this! wahahahahaha

FM Luder said...

Janice, after coming up with the theory and reading yours, I brought this issue up with my sis... she thinks that if you wear two pair of socks that the insulation is very bad because no 'flowing' air can enter the bit between your foot and the first sock =0

So she thinks one good pair of socks is the best solution.

I'm confused... any scientists out there like to clear this up??